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Erica's Journey

"Angels come in many forms. I was honored to meet a special one this week. Gail at True Salon Boutique is certified with the American Cancer Society's program #lookgoodfeelbetter. She offers those going through hair loss from chemotherapy compassion and support in a private setting, by offering a variety of information, from wigs and hair pieces (that are in the boutique) to nearby support groups and so much more.

                                          -Michelle Patton

                                   Platform Artist for Pureology

"I have seen Gail Van Blarcom's boutique for cancer patients and it is remarkable and very much needed in today's world. My name is Elan Sassoon, my father is Vidal Sassoon, and I have been in the hair industry for a very long time.  My wife Adriana came down with Hodgkin Lymphoma four years ago and battled hard  through nine months of chemotherapy, twenty one radiation treatments and a stem cell transplant."

                                                     -Elan Sassoon

                                                Vidal Sassoon's Son 

"A boutique to lift the spirits of chemo-girls. What an incredibly wonderful way to remind our sisters in need that beauty shines from within and radiates with warm caring people like Gail. I just wish TRUE had been around for me when I was on my cancer journey."

                                                              -Marybeth Maida

                                                              Author, Survivor, &

                                                           Supporter of True Boutique

True Boutique would like to announce the arrival of Brian Joseph Lash and Brow Gel. The gel will help maintain your lashes and brows while going through your chemotherapy treatments. Available now in our boutique. 856-767-TRUE


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